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Batteries Service and Sales at ExperTec Automotive


Nobody’s ever happy about needing a new battery - even the cheapest ones usually cost over $100. But most people don’t give any thought to how to extend their car battery’s life.

There are a few things you can do to make your battery last longer. First, it should be kept clean. A dirty battery gets hotter, shortening its lifespan. Corroded battery terminals and cables will also make your battery run less efficiently and wear out faster. Here at ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we can clean or replace them if needed.

Running your battery down is also bad for it. If you leave your headlights on or keep your stereo on for a long time with your engine off, your battery can become seriously depleted to the point where you need a jump start. Car batteries can only take about 10 times of such deep depletion before they will no longer hold a charge.

If you frequently take short trips around town, your battery may not get fully recharged by the alternator. This will also shorten battery life.

If you need a new battery, the technicians here at ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa can help you find the proper replacement. We can also suggest and install upgraded batteries if you run your battery in extreme conditions such as a cold climate or use a lot of electrical accessories.


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