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Mufflers Repair

All new vehicles sold today are equipped with mufflers in their exhaust system. The purpose of a muffler is to decrease the amount of noise your vehicle’s engine emits from its exhaust. In most vehicles, mufflers are installed in the exhaust system. They are engineered as an acoustic soundproofing device. If your vehicle has more than one tailpipe, it may have more than one muffler - some luxury vehicles even have more than one muffler per exhaust pipe to make them as quiet as possible for passengers’ comfort.

One of the most common vehicle modifications is a modified exhaust - an owner may remove or replace their muffler with an aftermarket option in order to increase power output, increase fuel efficiency, or get a better exhaust sound. However, modifications of a vehicle’s exhaust system is highly regulated, and removing your muffler is illegal in most cases in California. The only exceptions are vehicles which are exempt from smog checks, 1997 or older diesel engine vehicles and 1975 or older gasoline powered vehicles in

California. Even aftermarket mufflers can break emissions or noise laws, resulting in a ticket if they are noticed by a police officer. Modern cars are tuned to run most efficiently with a fully functioning exhaust system, and removing or modifying it can potentially confuse important sensors, causing unforeseen problems. If you consider modifying your exhaust, keep in mind that performance and efficiency gains will most likely be extremely minor and may not be worth the unwanted attention from police and neighbors.

Mufflers in most cases work by channelling exhaust gases through a series of passages and chambers lined with fiberglass insulation and resonating chambers harmonically tuned to create destructive interference, making sound waves cancel each other out. However, a side effect of mufflers is that they create back pressure in your vehicle’s exhaust, which may decrease your engine’s efficiency and power.

If you want to keep your vehicle in good condition and quiet enough to avoid police attention, it is important to keep your muffler working properly. The most obvious sign that you have a leak or some other form of malfunction in your muffler is if your vehicle sounds louder or different than usual. This can cause you unwanted attention from police and be an annoyance to your neighbors, and if your vehicle is too loud you may get a fix-it ticket. If you notice your vehicle sounding different than usual, it may be time to bring it in to our mechanics at ExperTec Automotive in Costa Mesa. Driving with a faulty muffler not only can be loud and annoying, but may damage other components in your vehicle’s exhaust or emissions system over time. Don’t just turn up your radio to drown out the sound, get it checked by one of our professionals! You can potentially save a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

If you suspect problems with your muffler, come in to ExperTec Costa Mesa today. Our ASE certified mechanics can solve all of your muffler problems, guaranteed!

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