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More About Shocks and Struts

This week on ExperTec of Costa Mesa’s Cars 101 blog, we’re gonna cover something that many people don’t really consider when it comes to automotive maintenance - shock absorbers and struts.

It’s a common mentality: the car will still run and drive without these components, so they are not important. But shocks and struts are actually key parts of a car’s suspension system. Neglecting them can have serious consequences. Sure, a car will still run if these key components are worn out, but they should not be overlooked. Worn and malfunctioning shocks or struts can actually be extremely dangerous.

To understand why they are so important, first we should look at what they do and how they work.

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Check Your Gas Gauge

Even the least mechanically inclined drivers in Costa Mesa almost certainly know how to read two things on their dashboard - the speedometer and fuel gauge. But like any other part of your vehicle, these can malfunction. Let’s take a look at how your fuel gauge works, and why it might stop giving you an accurate readout. Your fuel gauge can get stuck in one place, or give an inaccurate reading, sometimes even moving around randomly. This is often accompanied by your check engine light illuminating. If this happens without you noticing, you can run out of fuel even if your gas gauge still reads far from empty, leaving you stranded and needing either a tow or a push to the nearest gas station.

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Mufflers Repair

All new vehicles sold today are equipped with mufflers in their exhaust system. The purpose of a muffler is to decrease the amount of noise your vehicle’s engine emits from its exhaust. In most vehicles, mufflers are installed in the exhaust system. They are engineered as an acoustic soundproofing device. If your vehicle has more than one tailpipe, it may have more than one muffler - some luxury vehicles even have more than one muffler per exhaust pipe to make them as quiet as possible for passengers’ comfort.

One of the most common vehicle modifications is a modified exhaust - an owner may remove or replace their muffler with an aftermarket option in order to increase power output, increase fuel efficiency, or get a better exhaust sound. However, modifications of a vehicle’s exhaust system is highly regulated, and removing your muffler is illegal in most cases in California. The only exceptions are vehicles which are exempt from smog checks, 1997 or older diesel engine vehicles and 1975 or older gasoline powered vehicles in

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How's Your CV Joints

Your vehicle has a complex system of parts that converts the explosive energy of your engine into rotational energy to spin your tires and roll you along the road here in Costa Mesa. One of the most important parts of this system are your vehicle’s Constant Velocity joints, commonly known as simply “CV joints”. All front wheel drive, as well as many rear wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles, have CV joints on both ends of their drive shafts. Their job is to transfer the torque from your car’s transmission to its drive wheels at a constant speed while simultaneously accommodating the vertical motion of your car’s suspension. Inner CV joints connect the drive shafts to the transmission, while outer CV joints connect the drive shafts to the wheels.

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Routine Auto Maintenance

We’ve already talked about at-home car maintenance. But not all maintenance can be handled at home, even if you have a garage full of tools and all the technical know-how in the world. According to a recent survey by the Car Care Council, 25% of cars surveyed had low or dirty motor oil, 13% had low or dirty brake fluid, 18% had a dirty air filter, 17% had an inadequate cooling system or low coolant levels, 16% needed new windshield wipers, 27% had low or contaminated wiper fluid, and 18% had cracked or worn belts in danger of breaking. Overall, a whopping 89% of vehicles surveyed were in need of at least one service or repair. What does this tell us about vehicle owners and maintenance? Obviously, not many owners are responsible enough to keep their cars in optimal shape.

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