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Brake Service and Repair at ExperTec Automotive


Your vehicle’s brake fluid will become contaminated, and the active molecules in it degrade when exposed to heat and humidity. This condition can cause unsafe conditions where the fluid no longer meets DOT specifications, as well as rust and corrosion on expensive brake components, leading to costly repairs. 

 A well-maintained and fully functioning braking system can help your car stop tens of feet sooner. That can be the difference between a bad scare and a bad crash in an emergency stop situation.

 Our mechanics and shop personnel can help you make important decisions about brake service and repairs for your vehicle. We can work with your budget and provide what you need - just keep in mind that the cheapest option up front may end up costing more money in the long run. 

 Brake system services can vary significantly in cost. It is important to use the best brake pads or shoes for your specific vehicle. Every car manufacturer recommends, or sometimes requires, specific brake materials and parts. This means that sometimes, to maintain or repair your brake system, we may have to order OEM parts directly from the manufacturer. But whatever is used, it must meet minimum requirements to be roadworthy and keep your car safe.

 Brake rotors must also be maintained, because they wear down over time from friction against your brake pads. Some shops may cut corners on their equipment and staff qualifications to keep costs and prices low, but this may hurt your car’s stopping power and capabilities. Here at ExperTec Automotive, we pride ourselves in using the best trained staff, equipment, and components in order to keep your car as safe as possible. We do this by maintaining three standards of quality:

 The right parts: we use the very best brake pads, shoes, and other components for your brake services. We strictly follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and use original equipment parts when required. We don’t sacrifice on cheaper components, because that would mean a sacrifice on your safety. The parts we choose give you optimal stopping distance, longer life and more time between maintenance jobs, and quieter braking.

 Excellent technicians: our specialized technicians are well trained and experienced to perform brake jobs. This is important because you need an expert to do the meticulous work that goes into such an important function of your vehicle. We understand that the safety of yourself, your passengers, and everybody else sharing the road with you depends on our technical abilities, and take our job seriously. Don’t cut corners with brake shops that hire inexperienced people to work on your car - you could put lives in danger.

 The right equipment: some equipment simply does a better job. For example, here at ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we use “on-the-car brake lathes”. This specialized equipment allows us to turn the rotors while they are on your car instead of removing them, giving us a more true and perfect surface for braking and letting us evaluate performance closer to real-world scenarios. Some shops even send your rotors to other companies, where they cannot monitor the quality.

 The bottom line is, you can trust us here at ExperTec Costa Mesa for all of your brake services and repairs. Our ASE certified mechanics and specialized equipment will do the best job possible to keep you and your fellow drivers safer and more at ease.

The bottom line is you can trust a ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa for your brake service and repairs.


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