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Starters Service and Repair at ExperTec Automotive

Starters Service and Repair at ExperTec Automotive

Most people don’t give much consideration to their starter motor… until it stops starting. Your engine’s starter motor has to convert a high electrical voltage into a huge amount of torque to turn over your vehicle’s engine in all conditions. Cold weather will put more stress on your starter motor because your battery will be weaker and motor oil will be more viscous, while hot weather can lead to heat soak which can incapacitate a worn out starter. Either way, unless you have a manual transmission car that you can push start, you won’t get anywhere with a stopped starter (it is generally impossible to push start a vehicle with an automatic transmission, and attempting to do so will likely damage expensive transmission and driveline components). If your battery cables are dirty or corroded, or not connected properly, they will also put more strain on your starter.

If your starter is failing, your vehicle may not start sometimes but may suddenly start again on another attempt. At first, it can be a minor inconvenience, and you might just have to wait until your engine cools down to get on the road again. But eventually, your starter will no longer work at all, and you’ll have to get your vehicle towed.

At ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we can fix any of your starter problems and get you on the road again. If you suspect that your starter may be on the verge of failure, don’t wait - get it fixed now. Talk to our friendly certified service technicians today to schedule an appointment and take care of your vehicle’s starter needs before you end up stranded.

Below are some of the many auto repair services that ExperTec Automotive offers. Services listed with an asterisk * also include an informative video:

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