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Tire Service, Sales and Repair at ExperTec Automotive

Tire Sales, Tire Service, Tire Rotation and Wheel Balancing

You can make your vehicle’s tires last longer with regular tire rotations and wheel balancing.

In normal driving, your front tires wear more on their side because they handle much more of the cornering forces when you turn. Front wheel drive vehicles have even more friction on their front tires, leading them to wear even faster.

We rotate your tires so that they will wear more evenly over their life and last longer, and you will not have to make trips to the tire shop so often.

For most vehicles, tires are rotated front to back. Some manufacturers recommend a cross rotational pattern, and some performance vehicles may have different size tires on the front and rear, or even uni-directional tires that should only be mounted on one side of your vehicle. The service advisors here at ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa can help you figure out what kind of tire rotation you need, and perform the right procedure for your vehicle.

Your tire manufacturer should give you a recommendation on how often your tires need to be rotated - usually somewhere around every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

The other major part of tire service is wheel balancing. When there are heavy spots on your wheel or tire, they will throw them out of balance and cause your wheels to wobble. Have you ever put clothes into your washing machine only to have it start shaking and vibrating as it spins? It’s like that. Balancing adds weights to your wheels to balance them out so that they will rotate smoothly. Wheels are typically balanced every time you get new wheels and tires.

Even a small weight difference can cause an annoying shake or vibration at speed. Your wheel is essentially bouncing as it rolls down the road. At freeway speeds, an unbalanced wheel can be slamming into the road 14 times per second. Not only is it annoying and makes your car a little harder to control and perform slightly worse, it will cause your tires to wear out more quickly and hurt your gas mileage.

If a front wheel is out of balance, you will feel a vibration through your steering wheel. For rear wheels, the vibration will be felt through your seat. If you notice a vibration from your vehicle, bring it in to ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa today to see if it is a balance issue or something else.


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