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Transmission Service and Repair at ExperTec Automotive

Over time, and from heat and wear, your vehicle’s transmission fluid will begin to degrade and form deposits. Sludge and grit start to destroy your transmission from the inside, causing your vehicle to shift slower or less smoothly, and eventually fail to shift at all. Transmissions are very expensive to repair or replace because they are extremely complicated and must be treated meticulously, and replacement transmissions for some cars can cost more than $5,000!


Using special equipment, the entire system is cleaned and old worn out fluid is replaced with fresh high performance fluid. The transmission will shift smoothly and effortlessly for many trouble-free miles.

Valve Body Before Service

Valve Body After Service


At ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we use special equipment to clean your entire transmission system and flush the old, dirty fluid. We then fill your transmission with the right type of fresh high performance fluid for your car, giving you smooth and effortless shifts for many more trouble free miles.

Some shops do great work on your engine, but are not experts on transmissions. At ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we have professionally trained specialists for both your engine and transmission. There is a long list of minor transmission problems that can appear to the untrained eye like a failed transmission, and a less experienced shop can wrongly diagnose a minor or even unrelated problem as a bad transmission, telling you that you need a transmission replacement. This could needlessly cost you thousands of dollars when in actuality the problem may have been fixable with a much simpler, cheaper repair.

Some of the common problems that will give you transmission trouble but can be fixed without replacing the entire transmission include low fluid or a fluid leak, loose vacuum lines, loose or improperly adjusted linkages or cables, a failed solenoid, problems with your vehicle’s ECU, defective sensors, or old transmission fluid.

At ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we have ASE Certified and ASE Master technicians, and we give them intensive extra technical training as well as high quality equipment and resources. This lets us expertly and accurately diagnose transmission problems. By finding the specific problem and fixing only what needs to be fixed, we can save you several thousand dollars. And if your transmission really is broken beyond repair and needs to be replaced or completely rebuilt, we are your best choice.

We also offer the best transmission fluid service. Properly working transmission fluid lubricates all of the intricate moving parts in your transmission. However, over time it will break down and become ineffective, leading to more friction between the metal parts within your transmission. This will lead to wear and particulates mixing into the fluid, leading to more friction and a faster wearing transmission. Our transmission fluid flush forces out the old fluid, cleans these metal shavings and deposits, and replenishes your transmission with fresh, effective fluid. This inexpensive service only needs to be done every few years, and will greatly prolong the life of your transmission components. For most cars, we can do a transmission fluid flush for less than $200. But keep in mind that not all transmission fluid flushes are equal!

Many shops simply drain out the old transmission fluid and refill it. While this is better than letting the old fluid continue to wear down your transmission, we believe that such an important and expensive part of your car should be treated with more care and maintained more thoroughly. A simple drain may leave as much as 40% of the old fluid inside your transmission. This is why, here at ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we use specialized equipment and chemical cleaners to power flush the old fluids completely, then run an optimized detergent/conditioner through your transmission before refilling it with fresh fluid. We will also remove and clean any parts that need to be cleaned if applicable to your vehicle.

We also make sure to use the most specific, optimal parts and fluid for your vehicle. Today, there are several different types of transmission fluids, and we make sure to use the exact one recommended for your car by manufacturers and industry experts.

If you are having transmission problems with your vehicle, call us today - you’ll be glad you did.

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