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Cooling System Service and Repair at ExperTec Automotive



When your vehicle’s coolant degrades, it becomes extremely corrosive and can start to literally eat holes in cooling system components. Byproducts of corrosion damage as well as rust and mineral deposits can start to clog coolant passages, which can cause you costly repairs or even catastrophic damage to your engine.

At ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we do a thorough coolant flush by cleaning and flushing your entire coolant system and refilling it with fresh, premium coolant. We also add conditioners to prevent rust and corrosion and maintain the optimal pH level. Cooling system service is one of the most important maintenance services you can do for your vehicle because it is responsible for keeping major components like your engine block and heads cool, preventing them from cracking, warping, or failing and incapacitating your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle’s cooling system operating efficiently and spending a few extra dollars on maintenance when needed can save you thousands of dollars on repairs that shouldn’t be necessary in the first place.

Your vehicle’s cooling system keeps your engine, as well as sometimes the transmission and other components, cool and operating efficiently. When a major part of your car overheats, it can warp and crack, making it completely lose function. A new or rebuilt engine can cost several thousand dollars plus labor, often totaling well over $5,000! Regular preventative maintenance and attention is a fraction of that price, and will save you major stress as well as cash.

Your cooling system is responsible for keeping anti-freeze coolant flowing through many parts of your vehicle - from the radiator through the engine and back again to the radiator, through hoses and cavities and past the thermostat. Coolant has chemicals that aid in cooling and lubricating your engine, but it begins to degrade and lose these properties as it gets older, and its pH will change. This results in less protection for your vehicle’s parts, and even accelerated damage through corrosion from the changed pH. Over enough time, it can get bad enough to erode metal parts and allow rust to form. If your cooling system gets too clogged or holes form in the passages, it will almost certainly lead to very expensive and important parts of your vehicle being seriously damaged.

To protect your car from coolant deterioration, it is important to periodically do a coolant flush. This replaces old, destructive coolant with fresh and effective coolant. But not all coolant flush services are equal.

Some shops simply drain and refill the cooling system. This is better than completely neglecting it, but it will most likely leave some old fluid or deposits in your cooling system, which will quickly contaminate the new fluid and make it degrade faster. These harmful deposits can also continue to eat away at metal parts, even with the new fluid in your system.

Here at ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa, we perform a power flush of your coolant system using specialized equipment and chemicals to thoroughly force old fluid and deposits out, and we add a conditioner to the new coolant which will make it last longer.

This process is extremely important and will cost a fraction of an expensive engine repair or replacement.

How often you should flush your cooling system depends on many factors. Our certified, trained technicians will consider the manufacturer’s recommendation and then factor in your driving habits and vehicle history to figure out how frequently you should get a cooling system service. For most cars, a coolant flush should be done about every two years. If you are not sure when the last time your cooling system was flushed, we can test your car’s coolant to see its current condition and tell you when you’ll need one. Don’t delay this important service - you could be destroying components inside your engine without realizing it.

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