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Making Your Vehicle Last With ExperTec Automotive Regular Service!

Many people drive older vehicles. You may have bought your car new and kept it for several years, or bought a used car that’s already several years old. Older vehicles are the choice for many people because they function fine and are already paid off, or soon to be.

Plenty of people keep their vehicles running for 100, 200, 300 thousand, or even more miles. To keep your car running strong for so long, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance.

One of the most important and basic maintenance jobs is an oil change. You should never skip an oil change. Oil is one of the most important fluids in your engine, and it needs to be clean to properly lubricate. Skipping oil changes will lead to more sludge and deposits, which can clog and damage your engine.

When you come to ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa for an oil change, our mechanics will also do a basic checkup of your car - fluid levels, brake pads, and everything else important. We will refill any fluids that are getting low, let you know about any leaks or problems we find, and find problems like a brake fluid leak before they can lead to an accident or expensive repair.

We also inspect your belts and hoses for wear, check your tires and look for any abnormal or uneven wear, inspect your shock absorbers for leaks, and more. We let you know about any problems we find and how serious they are so that you can decide your next course of action.

Think of an oil change as a checkup and cleaning at the dentist - it will help you catch small problems before they get bigger, and you should never skip it.

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