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Alignments Service and Repair at ExperTec Automotive

Alignments Service and Repair at ExperTec AutomotiveSomething you may not notice right away is your tires wearing unevenly or quickly. You may notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side and you have to turn your steering wheel slightly to stay driving straight. Your tires will wear out faster because they are not straight, which causes more friction.

Some of the most common causes that can knock your wheels out of alignment are hitting a pothole or curb or rock while driving around. Even regular bumps and vibrations can add up to slowly pushing your wheels out of alignment. That’s why we here at ExperTec Automotive suggest having your alignment checked periodically to ensure that your car is driving smoothly and putting the least amount of stress possible on your tires and drivetrain.

Alignment services at ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa include measuring each wheel’s alignment to see if it is at factory specification, as well as inspecting tires for wear as well as the suspension and steering components for damage and wear, which can contribute to alignment problems. With some cars, all four wheels can be adjusted, while on vehicles where only the front wheels can be adjusted, we bring the front into alignment relative to the rear.

Cost varies by whether your vehicle is two or four wheel adjustable. Four wheel drive vehicles may cost more because they are more difficult to align. But no matter what, keeping your vehicle in proper alignment is cheaper than having to buy new tires every few months.

If it has been a while since you’ve had your wheels aligned, bring your vehicle to ExperTec Automotive Costa Mesa to check your alignment today.


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